Mosuo Weaving in LiJiang

When in China you can find many unique products to bring home. One of them shown here are the wrap around scarves made by the Mosuo women of Lugu Lake.
These special patterns are woven as you see by the woman and either made in many shops or brought into the tourist town of LiJiang which is north of Kunming. LiJiang at 6000 feet above sea level is one of my favorite Old Towns to spend a few days of relaxing and shopping especially during the hot summer months. The Old Town area of LiJiang has many local shops where you can see products being made by hand such as leather ware, art, jewelry, hand made paper, clothing and many other products. If your tour does not include LiJiang we would be glad to do an extension  tour for you to include this area and others of interest to you. Our 25 years of experience and travel in China to the far corners of the country is our long suit in doing specialty tours to your interests and needs. Click on the photos for full screen views.

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