Boutique Hotels in China

Hotels seem to be the main concern of clients going to China. Some people ask for quaint Chinese traditional Boutique Hotels. Expectations can vary. Although there are few, more and more of these boutique hotels are becoming available depending on the area. Prices vary widely from inexpensive to over $500 per night. The one here is one I stayed at in a quiet area of LiJiang. Called the Bloosom Hotel (they have two)One has been built new and the other one shown here that I stayed in was remodeled from an old traditional guest house. Cost during November was $125 per night.  One thing you need to know is that many do not have heat for the colder seasons. They supply an electric heating pad under the mattress pad.

I requested an electric space heater and I think because I am a tour operator they filled my request. Modern bath facilities are normal however do not always expect them in remote areas.  Great facilities with a common t.v. lounge, library and open air court yard, and email available. Breakfasts were basic but very good. For more information on hotels, contact me anytime. interlak@eskimo.com   Click on the photos for full screen viewing

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