Shortest Air Flights to China from the U.S.

Many people think that they have to fly across the ocean to China from the U.S. Would you believe the shortest route is actually over land? Look at the maps or a globe and you will note that it is a straight line from Seattle to Beijing. Up the coast of Canada, Alaska, over Siberia and into Beijing. Hainan Airlines flies that route in just 11 hours flat from Seattle to Beijing. There are low priced international connection rates also from most U.S. cities to Seattle that connect with the international flight. You can return from Shanghai or Hong Kong also going through Beijing that can be included in your international ticket back to your city. Start your tour to China with a total China Experience with Great Service and Great Food on Hainan Airlines...and Interlake China Tours with 25 years experience in travel to China with great tours. Let us do a customized tour to your interests and needs.  Click on the map for full size screen!.

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