Art Work in China

As I travel through China I am always looking for the unique and interesting things to bring home. Chinese people do fantastic detailed art in many medias. One of them is Embroidery. You can

find many pieces of hand embroidery in China but there is a difference. Some are done my machine and programed. Others are done in workshops and more production oriented. Others such as the one here are done by real artists in their homes. The difference is in the details. There is an Embroidery institute in Suzhou outside of Shanghai where it is specialized in doing two sided pieces with the same design. The one here was done in a small village outside of LiJiang north of Kunming. The woman took several months to do this one using silk threads that are extemely fine and are dyed with local natural colors. The shading of the flower is fantastic and it all pops out and shines with lighting on it too. I love finding special art pieces in China for our home and I hope I can do a tour for you as well that includes finding special pieces for your home. Tours to China is my business and this ancient culture has become my passion for over 25 years.
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