Visiting Naxi and Yi People

When taking a tour to China, one needs to get out of the large cities and into the countryside to see the real China. Above you will see examples of Yi and Naxi people in remote villages outside of LiJiang which is in Yunnan province. Having a guide with you allows you to visit with the locals and be able to see how they live and work. It is normal to be able to visit their homes and chat with them over a cup of tea. They are often as interested in you as you are in them. I made a house call with a veterinarian who was passing by on his bicycle and found it very interesting talking to him and the farmer while he was tending to the farmer's Yak and horse

. There are many opportunities learn about China and to visit local people in the countryside with a guide. These opportunities often become the highlight of your tour with good memories. Tours to China is my business but I often never think I am working but enjoying the fruits of my labor as well.

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