New Monastery at LiJiang

If you will be going to LiJiang you do not want to miss seeing the new Monastery that will be finished soon. The old one which is over 200 years old is at the bottom of the hill. The artists and painters were still working on it when I visited it this past November. The artwork inside is fantastic and I watched as the lead artist drew the outline for the painters to fill in. This is about an hour and a half from LiJiang overlooking a beautiful lake. Near by are villages of Naxi and Yi people as they live their daily lives which you can visit without a flood

of tourists. I visited several homes with a local friend of mine that grew up in the Naxi village but lives in LiJiang. I also made a house call with a local doctor who was giving shots to some water buffalo and played with a new born who was only two weeks old. Tours to China is my business but sometimes I think I also have too much fun and experiences to call it work.

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