Eating at a Local People's Restaurant

When clients come to me to do their China tours, I often hear "I don't want to eat in restaurants for the tourists. I want to eat where the local people eat and not have to be looking across the room at so many westerners". I know what they are thinking about with those quaint little places; but the reality is the photos here are typical local restaurants these days. There are still some of the old restaurants around but one needs to be careful about cleanliness and your health. My last trip when I was working I only wanted to eat in typical local restaurants and the photos are just that. In the countryside or rural areas of course there are some very simple restaurants too which may or may not be very clean, smoky and noisy. However in the larger cities these photos are examples of some normal local restaurants but still very noisy which is normal in China. I was always the only western person and yes the food was excellent. Lunches and dinners are quite large in China but of course you can order less food if you like too. I usually like a bowl of noodles with chicken or beef and perhaps some dumplings but still cost will be about $8 to $10 on average. They now charge for tea also which was always free before. You get what you pay for in China. You pay a lot of money to get there so to insure a good tour a good plan needs to be made. I will be glad to plan a tour to your interests, needs and budget. Tours to China has been my business for 25 years.

for over 20+ years.

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