Biking in China

There are many places to go biking in China; however Yangshuo area outside of Guilin is my favorite because of the scenery and the town. You can take the Li River Day Cruise from Guilin to the small town of Yangshuo set amongst the haystack like hills surrounding it and along the Li River. There are flat roads and trails to ride and you really will get the feeling of being out in rural China amongst the locals. It does help to have a guide with you and there are many local guides who speak excellent English and can translate and show you the places to visit. Bikes rent for about $2 to $3 U.S. per day. You can also hike in this area as well as go on a motorized rickshaw ride if you do not want to go biking. Guide costs vary depending on the length of day. The shirt I have on I picked out because the Chinese characters seemed nice....it actually says, "I have No Money". Great to ward off the sellers and got many chuckles from the locals who thought I didn't know what it said. As a Tour Operator to China for over 25+ years, I still like to take time out to enjoy myself with a day of fun now and then. For more information and details on Travel in China and specialty customized tours to your interests, contact us at interlak@eskimo.com Our web site is at www.interlakechinatours.com

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