Hotel Deals on the Internet

For those searching the internet for the best deals in hotels; one needs to be very careful to read the fine print. My wife and I just returned from a trip to Spain. Although I am a tour operator to China, it is our off season vacation which she arranges every year. Needing a hotel the night before we left Madrid, she looked for a location close to the airport and reasonable just for one night. On Price Line she found the Hotel San Pablo just 5 minutes from the airport since we had a 07:00 flight the next morning. The cost was $49.90 Euros or $67.37 U.S. dollars. When we arrived posted behind the desk was their rack price of $39.00 Euros or $52.65 U.S. The clerk was embarrassed about it and gave us a large suite to compensate since we had pre-paid the one night. No breakfast was included. In China it can be the same when booking a hotel. Be sure the hotel is as they listed as a Sofital and Sofitel are two different hotels. One being a major international hotel and the other being a "knock off". One is well located and the other in Beijing although advertised as close to Tiananmen Square is actually 1.2 miles away.
Is Breakfast included as well as the 15% to 20% service charge included. Breakfast per person can be from $12 U.S. to $25 U.S per person if not included. You get what you pay for not matter where you travel these days so be careful what you are purchasing or booking. For more tips on travel in China check our web site at www.interlakechinatours.com 25 Years of Experience and we too get hooked now and then travelling in other countries during our off season.

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