How Do I Plan A Trip to China?

China is the size of the U.S. in square miles; so think in those terms when planning a trip to China. Questions to ask yourself: 1. What are my interests? 2. How much time do I have to tour? 3. What budget should I set? All good questions as you can not see everything so you should plan to see what interests you. The average person goes for about 17 to 19 days. If you only go once in your lifetime a good basic introduction to China is Beijing, Xian, Guilin and Shanghai and maybe even a Yangtze River Cruise squeezed in. That gives you a fairly good idea about China. People going a second time might consider LiJiang, Chengdu, Lhasa, and the Silk Road up through the Northwest part of China. For national parks, historical or more remote interesting areas, you should use an experienced tour planner who is more familiar with China and can help you plan to your specific interests and needs. I teach a one session class on Touring China each quarter here in Seattle and many realize how complex China can be as well as being very different from one area to the next. Reading up to date travel books, checking the internet and viewing Forums such as Frommers and the Lonely Planet web sites will be even more beneficial. Just make sure you plan early as China really is not a last minute "Let's Go" kind of country. With 1.3 billion people travel can be difficult at best without help. Check my web site for more information: www.interlakechinatours.com We have been doing China and Tibet only for over 25 years. Tours to China is my business but the Culture is my passion.
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