Weddings In China

Weddings in China are much different than we experience in the U.S. Couples apply for a license from the State first. Few have a religious ceremony. They then set a date for a banquet and photo session. The photo session is in a studio and perhaps at a church grounds, local park or some specific site. They will dress up in casual clothes as well as their traditional wedding clothes to make a large album. That is usually done in the mornings or early afternoons. The banquet is usually in the late afternoon or evening and by invitation which is all paid for by the couple. The traditional gift however is money. The closer the relationship the more money is given. In some cases a whole months salary of a close relative or friend. In the past the bride wore a red gown but most today wear a white gown as you see above. The banquet signifies the community recognizing the couple as being married but not before then. So most couples must save a lot of money before they are married to be able to pay for it first. Note my wife and I were working one day, stopped to view a wedding and the decorated car which the couple will parade through the streets before and after the banquet. When visiting the minority cultures in China you will find many different traditional cultural weddings too.

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