Choosing A Tour Company

With so many tour companies and travel agencies; how does one choose a tour operator to do my tour to China or Tibet? That is a question many people might ask. Is Bigger; Better? Bigger means more overhead with many employees doing many countries. You might take a look at the smaller operators like Interlake China Tours of Seattle who SPECIALIZES in one country and has all the latest information. We work with local Chinese associate partners in China who have contracts with hotels at their best local prices. Working with a network of associate partners all over China we have control of the tour quality and communications with them. Our clients have a 24/7 emergency phone number so they are always in good hands 24 hours a day. Each tour is individually planned to the clients interests and needs so you see and experience what you are interested in rather than a cookie cutter tour of general interest. Dave goes to China each year working with our associate partners inspecting hotels, viewing new sites and noting all the changes that occur each year. With 25 years experience and over 50+ trips, Dave travels all over China to work first hand with the local operators seeing to it that the quality of our tours meets a high standard. Check our web site at www.interlakechinatours.com

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